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An ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 certified company, we have been producing various types of automotive and inverter batteries, under the brand names of “OSAKA”, for more than 19 years. This was initially done with technical support from Chloride Industrial Batteries Limited, which is subsidiary of Hawker Batteries UK. Hawker Batteries is a world leader in battery manufacturing, with numerous factories and units around the world.

We have all types of Motorcycle Batteries ranging from 04 Amp to 10 Amp & Automotive Batteries ranging from 32 Amp to 240 Amp. We take pride in being the only local manufacturer for all types of Maintenance Free Batteries, ranging from 32 Amp to 200 Amp. We are the only local manufacturer of Tubular Batteries ranging from 12 volts 80 Amp to 160 Amp, specialized battery for Solar Panels and Stand By Power. Another milestone achievement by us is having the ability and facility to produce VRLA batteries (Valve Regulated Lead Acid Batteries) (AGM) ranging from 12 Volts 80 Amp to 200 Amp in front Access and Top Terminals for Telecommunications & alternative energy . We recently introduced VRLA Batteries (Valve Regulated Lead Acid Batteries) 02 Volts Cell 200 Amp t0 3000 Amp, which provide solutions for solar energy and telecommunication sector.

We have state of the art manufacturing unit to produce quality products with more than 1000 employees. Our head office is in Islamabad and is supported by 7 regional offices across the country, enabling us to cater to the needs of our valued customer s effectively.



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